Waiting on Wednesday 3/16/2016


I’ve been on a real horror/thriller kick but this book, even having heard about it months ago has me thinking about it even now. I’m super excited to see how it pans out. Plus the arcs that I saw that went out for this were super neat with what looked like sewn covers and ‘mouth stitching’ kits.
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HexHex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Publishing Date : April 26, 2016

Published by : Tor Books

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Whoever is born here, is doomed to stay ’til death. Whoever settles, never leaves.

Welcome to Black Spring, the seemingly picturesque Hudson Valley town haunted by the Black Rock Witch, a seventeenth century woman whose eyes and mouth are sewn shut. Muzzled, she walks the streets and enters homes at will. She stands next to children’s bed for nights on end. Everybody knows that her eyes may never be opened or the consequences will be too terrible to bear.

The elders of Black Spring have virtually quarantined the town by using high-tech surveillance to prevent their curse from spreading. Frustrated with being kept in lockdown, the town’s teenagers decide to break their strict regulations and go viral with the haunting. But, in so doing, they send the town spiraling into dark, medieval practices of the distant past.

This chilling novel heralds the arrival of an exciting new voice in mainstream horror and dark fantasy.


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