February Favorites!

I cannot believe how fast February went by. It maybe in part because of my absorption the last few weeks in work (I took on some new responsibilities) and the stress from that, or because the last week all I wanted to do was play Fire Emblem. Either way, it’s over and it’s time to highlight a few of the things I really enjoyed this month.


   MadnessI’m not sure how many times I can mention this without it getting really old but this book killed me a little inside. Maureen Johnson has a great knack for building up the entire book to the climax and the whole time you’re expecting one thing and then you get another. Which makes it hurt that much more.
I’ve got the last book here to read and honestly I’m scared of it. I read a few pages and… ugh. I need to finish it though, not knowing what’s happening is driving me a little batty.


The more stressed I get the more I enjoy pop music or in this case Taylor Swift. Anytime OutoftheWoodsI’ve had down time to try and relax or needed something to keep me occupied while I work this is it. I especially love her newest music video, there is a story there that I can really relate to, or at least I see one there. I’ve always been sold on Taylor Swift, probably always will be. Her music is like pure chocolate to my ears.


FireEmblemFates  The last week of the month was spent worrying about work and trying to get new materials made for my new job and squeezing in time for Fire Emblem Fates. It’s amazing. I’m playing through Conquest while my hubby plays through Birthright. I’m really glad I went with Conquest, though it is harder than Birthright it has a story that causes me emotional pain every time I finish a chapter. It’s so intense! So good! If you have ever enjoyed a Fire Emblem game you gotta try this. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to play Birthright the same after playing through Conquest. I love the Nohrian siblings so much!


Hubby and I tried the newest restaurant in town, Freddy’s. They have great burgers, hot dogs and the most amazing frozen custard shakes (or concretes as they are called there). If you haven’t been it’s a really good fast food place. It was reasonably priced and fast. The fries especially are delicious and they load you down!


I just saw this movie Friday and the more I think about it the more I love it. The Witch, thewitchdirected by Robert Eggers, is amazing. It’s also completely misrepresented in it’s marketing and the hype. It’s been advertised as ‘Horror’, which is maybe one of the last
things I’d call it. It’s more of a supernatural drama, or psychological drama depending on how you interpret the story. Ultimately for me it was the story of a young woman and everything that happens to her. It’s intense and beautiful and the story (I thought) was almost feminist in tone at times. Witchcraft in that period was often about female strength and sexuality and there is hints of all that in there along with all the gore and tense storytelling you want. Just watch it.


Last month I didn’t really have anything for this category but this month I’ve been EternallyYourswearing a lipstick my sister bought me for Christmas more and I love it. The Stila Eternally Yours Lipstick Set has six different colors in it and I really like all of them. They last a long time and have a great coverage. I don’t know if it’s available anymore but it’s a great set if you like lipsticks, especially liquid ones.

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