Nine Circles of Hell Book Tag!

This was originally created by Missy from BingeReader and just sounded so fun when I saw it that I wanted to do it myself. Plus it’s somewhat spooky? Maybe? A good way to close out the month.

Let’s head Down, down town for a visit…

1.) Limbo What book series have you read the first book but have not made the commitment to read the rest?
Hrrmmm… This is a bad habit of mine. I start a lot of things, stop and then wait 5 years before finishing them. Most lately though?  Probably Dragon Bound, it was fun and quick but I don’t know if I’ll return to it or another one of my urban/paranormal fantasies when I want my fix.

2.) Lust – What book do you not own but can’t wait to get your hands on?
I have a list of these a mile long guys. I’m a book addict, I’m not lying. Here are a few:

3.) Gluttony – What series can you read over and over and not get your fill?
Well I mean… Harry Potter… but besides that I don’t really reread? I have reread the Mercy Thompson books twice and am getting ready for a third so I can FINALLY catch up on the damn series. I keep getting behind!

4.) Greed – What book do you need multiple copies of even though you own enough of them?
I have several copies of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, but honestly I’m going to have to again say Harry Potter. I have three… no, four different versions of the first book and I still want to collect the nice hardbacks the UK got last year. I have a problem.
OH! I was answering six and realized, I have three different versions of The Gunslinger! That one, and honestly the other books in the series. I have mismatch ones and get more as I finish them. But the Gunslinger specifically since there are actual differences within the book from the original and current print.

5.) Wrath What book did you hate and would never recommend?


Just. No.

6.) Heresy –  What book or series got really low ratings, or that most people despised but you loved?
The Gunslinger by Stephen King. I get it, it’s a freaking weird book – even for a King book! He wrote it when he was 19 and it sets an entirely different tone from the rest of the books but I’ve read it more than a few times and I love it more each time.

7.) Violence –  What dystopian book or series had the most violent society? 
I’m not really a dystopian fan. Not really, I don’t actively seek it out but I guess the best answer I can think of is Battle Royale. Exploding heads, murdering school children… what’s better in dystopia than that?

8.) Fraud – What book cover or synopsis not truthfully depict the story?
I very rarely think covers match stories, but that’s just me. The Clan Novels from Vampire the Masquerade very RARELY give any hint to what’s inside – just a character portrait. The second Libiromancer has Lena on the cover of the entirely different race than what she should have been.
Also, I think the synopsis for The Rest of Us Just Live Here was pretty off, but in a good way. It’s a solid book, much better than the synopsis makes it seem.

9.) Treachery –  In what book series did the protagonist start off strong but grow weaker as time went on?
Oh geez, look, I don’t know why I kept reading these or bought them on release but it was like those guilty pleasure soap operas or talk shows, but America Singer from the Selection Series.
I really don’t want to talk about it.

Alright, that’s it, my Nine Circles of Hell are complete! HAHA! No, but really, it wasn’t bad. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and enjoyed!

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