Mini Reviews : October Week 3

I’m just going to start doing these weekly. You’ll get the reviews of my books read the past week. A weekly wrap-up! This was another small week for me, so only a couple books.

Darkfever  Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

This surprised me! It was by no means a perfect first book – heavy on the world building and descriptions, but it was better than I thought it would be. I really appreciated the main character for a lot of reasons. She’s frank, and obscenely honest. She’s a true pink (see what I did there) girly girl. Not what I would call a bad ass in this, those she had her moments. I also love the lack of a romantic sub-plot. There was a tease of something, a hint at it, but nothing overpowering which unfortunately tends to happen in Urban Fantasy.
If you like the genre at all I’d recommend this one. Like I said, by no means perfect but pretty good!


Those Across The River by Christopher Buehlman

   This one was not what I was expecting and I thin that detracted from my reading experience. It expected more of a ‘BANG’ kind of horror and it was more slow burn to the climax kind. I wish I had known that going in. If I had been in for that I would have loved it. The build up was great, the execution was even really well done.
I especially loved the falling action, and the final push into that last conflict. A good book, but I was looking for something else. I’ll definitely be finding more by this author though!


Witchworld by Emma Fischel

    This was a really cute children’s book. I’d say low middle grade for a reading level. The story was fun, cute and quirky. I’ll definitely keep this one to maybe one day give to my niece. I think she’d love it.

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