Thoughts and Review : In the Stars I’ll Find You by Bradley P. Beaulieu

InstarsIn The Stars I’ll Find You & Other Tales of Futures Fantastic by Bradley P. Beaulieu


Published by Quillings Literary (Kickstarted)
Publication Date : April 15th, 2016
Available as Paperback & eBook – 193 Pages
Source : Kickstarted!

Bradley P. Beaulieu’s latest story collection features his science fictional work, from exploring far-flung worlds to finding what it means to be human through artificial intelligence to the cost of dividing ourself through the use of technology. In the Stars I’ll Find You & Other Tales of Futures Fantastic contains 10 stories that explore our very human relationship with technology, some in print for the first time.

This slim volume had for me, quite a few winners. I helped to Kickstart it a few months back and when it finally came in I couldn’t wait to get to it. I stared it for a month or so on my desk and gave up – I had it set aside for a special TBR next month but ah well… it was not meant to be. I’ve read only one of Mr. Beaulieu’s stories (the first in this collection) previously and it’d been enough to wet my appetite. I also just recently purchased Twelve Kings, though I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet. Besides that first story the rest of these were a huge surprise, and like I said almost entirely winners.
I’m not sure what my favorite of the batch would be. The title story In the Stars I’ll Find You is surprisingly shocking and emotional, Compartmentalized is a sci-fi but one with heart (which honestly you could say about almost all these), and Cirque de Lumiere teased a world I’d love to get more of. I also found the premise and world (one in which the Greek remained the main power religion/culture?) of Foretold especially intriguing.
I know this is one I’ll revisit, and I’m most definitely picking up anything I’m missing from Mr. Beaulieu as soon as I can. I believe he has one other short story collection (with some overlapping stories), and I’m all over that.
This is a solid winner, first non-middle grade 5 star I’ve given in a bit! Highly recommend this one.

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