Waiting on Wednesday 3/30/2016


We’re heading into June with this one. I’ve got the first book that’s part of this anthology but let’s be real, the cover is kind of terrible. It’s also overall cheaper for me to get this bindup then to track down the second and third (since they’re out of print). This also matches the cover of his new series.
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An Affinity for Steel by Sam Sykes

Publishing Date : June 7, 2016

Publisher : Orbit

Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads


There are only a few productive things a man can do once he picks up a sword.
And the very lowest of these is to become an adventurer, like Lenk and his companions.
For the right price, no deed is too dirty, no task is too dangerous, no foe too ferocious. Not even a demon.
From wars ancient and terrible, wounds are bleeding. From seas deep and fathomless, demons are rising. From the mouth of hell, the Kraken Queen is calling. And all that stands between the damned and the mortal world are a pack of degenerates and the steel they carry.
Seas will rise. Heaven will fall.

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