Series Complete : The Generation V Novels or alternate title ‘PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!’


The Generation V Novels by M. L. Brennan

Overall Rating : 4.25 stars

   Have you ever felt completely robbed of something in media? Be it a ship that never sailed, or a backstory never completed, a death that was completely meaningless? This my friends is what I feel like having finished Dark Ascension and finding out that there are, as of yet, no more books on contract for this series. I am simply not okay with this. This is a series that to me stands out in the crowd of Urban Fantasy as unique, different, and just hopeful. In the same way that Goblin Emperor gave me a hero I wanted to win, I wanted to be friends with and support in every way possible, this book gave me Fortitude the reluctant vampire. 
The premise of Generation V is simple but takes vampire lore to a new place. Fortitude is a twenty something year old, out of college (which consisted of film theory) and now busing tables and scrimping by. Fortitude is also the son of one of the single most powerful vampires in North America and mistress to the northern territories. These vampires, it turns out, can have children by a very complicated process that 90% fail at. Madeline Scott as succeeded wildly, having three children still living. Fortitude is the youngest, and so far has not transitioned. This vampire children live till their twenties or until their biological (not quite human any more) parents die/are killed. These deaths break the ties the children have to their humanity and they become vampires.
Fortitude, having not transitioned has held onto his humanity like a precious jewel and has done his damnedest (ha, I’m punny) to avoid his vampire heritage and family. Generation V follows him as he begins to get drug back into that world and their life and all the shenanigans that ensue. He’s kind, funny, but ultimate a good and sweet guy. I wasn’t being ridiculous comparing these books to The Goblin Emperor. Fort stands out in this genre by not being an asshole or a sarcastic badass. He is uniquely Fortitude (and I love his precious soul).
If my long winded rant isn’t enough to convince you to read this here is my traditional bullet  list of things about the series to check out.

  • If you’re sick of the same old ‘vampires, fairies, werewolves, oh my!’ then this is the series for you.
  • There are kitsune. Singularly awesome, developed, with a rich and amazing history of family kitsunes. YES PLEASE.
  • This is urban fantasy in the old school sense. None of that sexy shit that happens when paranormal romance bleeds over. Though Fort has a relationship (that develops slowly over the course of the books in a good and honest way) we don’t get the unnecessary drama or needless whining that is seemingly a ‘staple’ of relationships in stories. Ah, so refreshing.
  • Our characters are varied and different. Each one stands out to me, and for the most part I can remember their names and attributes (I’m terrible at names, you should genuinely be impressed).
  • Suz is a god damned perfect individual. I want to be Suzume Hollis. I aspire to that level of hilarity and badassery.
  • The only flaw I can give the series is that the books build slowly to a huge and amazing climax – but one you have to wait for.
  • … And okay one more tiny flaw, I WANT MORE OF AN ENDING! Which means more people need to read this so maybe another contract can be had. Pretty please?

I know this came off as a desperate ‘please read this series because I loved it’ sort of rant but I’m not really sorry. I’m genuine in this feeling. I loved this series, and even if it never gets another contract I want to share it because it was just so damned good. So give it a try alright?


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