Audio Books: To Listen or Not to Listen

So up until recently I’ve been pretty staunchly against audio books. I’m a busy body. I have to have something to do with my hands. Getting used to finding the time to listen to an book and finding something productive or soothing during that time is challenging for me. That is until recently! I’ve begun to find little things I can do and I thought I’d share in case anyone else is struggling with this like I did for ages.

First off is finding what you like to listen to on audio books. I’m picky. I can’t listen to most things, I have to listen to specific types of titles like classics or regency novels. I also 9 times out of 10 have to have a physical copy of the book as well because I like to be able mark my favorite passages. I don’t do well with fantasy audio books or science fiction ones, I need to be able to see the images in my head to comprehend them and I’m much better at that when I have the physical book in front of me.

So, the things I like to do while I listen are those easy to do things become repetitive.

  • Adult Coloring Books – Yeah, I’m into those. I’ve been coloring children’s coloring books all my life so the recent hype with adult coloring books has been freaking awesome for me.
  • Embroidery – I haven’t been doing this one as much lately just because it takes more concentration and misc work outside my repetitive time that I haven’t had, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon.
  • Gaming – This one is a mixed bag. It depends on what game I’m playing and what I’m doing in the game. Some games, like World of Warcraft, I don’t need to hear any of it at all. I’ve heard it all, no shit. Some games like The Witcher or Assassin’s Creed I need to be able to hear certain points but not others so it’s on and off.
  • Cleaning and Sorting – Recently I cataloged my downstairs library and went through cleaning everything. I listened to a lot of Persuasion and Ross Poldark. It was exceptionally soothing.
  • Working Out – I don’t a lot of listening done during my work outs as I doing do that particular activity for very long (LOL) but it does give me a little bit of extra time.

Of course this is a short list as I’m still trying to find more and more things to do. I have managed to find some time occasionally at work when I’m doing some busy work (I handle the documentation of work, which can become repetitive when I’m just generating reviews) but up until these past few days I’ve been completely unable to do that particular role at my job, we’ve been STUPID busy. Happily, I’m getting more time for it now and I’ve been able to fit in more audio booking at work (YAY! Don’t tell my boss >.>)
So how does everyone else fit in their audio books? I feel like these might be the same things that most do but I also feel like I don’t do hardly any listening, or really not much. Surely there are more ways I could do this?

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