Thoughts on the Southern Reach Trilogy

     Hey remember when I used to finish series?! Yeah. Me either. BUT I finished this one! The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer is a weird Sci-Fi series about a zone of land that seems like it should be straight out of the X-Files and the shadowy government agency that studies it.        Area... Continue Reading →

Initial Thoughts: Reading and Watching Miss Fisher/Phryne Fisher Mysteries

     I wasn’t planning on going to into depth on my recent read of Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood. I enjoyed the snot out of that little book – but I didn’t really feel like I had too much to say on it yet. I decided to hunt down the TV show with fingers... Continue Reading →

Series Completed! The Last Policeman

   The Last Policeman Series by Ben H. Winters The Last Policeman, Countdown City, World of Trouble Recommended! Fast and Enthralling Mysteries    I’m pretty bad at series, let’s all just accept that. I think this might be the only series I’ve started and finished this year? Ah well, I suppose that should go to... Continue Reading →

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