Mini Reviews: Volume 11

To pull myself out of my slump last week I powered through a bunch of short stuff. A bunch, so I here are a few of those items that I reviewed. Also, that reading spreadsheet I talked about has made my reading so much better to predict and plan. Wow, I really recommend that.

TheEnchantedThe Enchanted by Rene Denfeld

    This was beautiful, sad, and disturbing all at the same time. I can see how some people might find the narrative style a little jarring or unbelievable but I really enjoyed it. I’m still not sure if I should take everything as a story that Arden just constructed or accept that maybe he had this magic to know all this. If I accept that I have to accept that the rest of the magic is real which is fantastic.
I will definitely pick up more by Rene Denfeld. I loved this.

Brujah (Vampire the Masquerade: Clan Novels #11) by Gherbod FlemingBrujah.jpg

    I really liked this installment in the series. Things are certainly coming to head, and I have to be honest when a certain someone showed up with a certain something at the end I couldn’t help but cringe. It wasn’t creepy at first but now, after the cave and the Gangrels, it’s gotten really weird. Not to mention the Malk scrawl. I love it.
This one also made me sad. I miss my tabletop game.

Lazarus4Lazarus, Volume Four: Poison by Greg Rucka, Michael Lucka, Owen Freeman

   This was an excellent addition to this series but holy shit, that cliffhanger ending. I can’t even begin to comprehend. I mean. I can, but I don’t want to.
Forever is still so dedicated to her family but her family is full of assholes. It kills me, I love her and so it kills me.
Overall this arc was a little bit hard to get into due to an ‘Interlude’ at the beginning. That’s the reason it’s missing a star honestly. I had actual difficulty reading this Interlude because of the font choice, it was cramped and squished and it was hard to read.
Otherwise… holy hell.

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