Mini Reviews: Volume 10

We’re back and I’ve got at least two volumes worth of reviews to throw in here. I’m hoping to get some full reviews up, starting that good stuff again, but for now you get the mini-reviews! Onward!

TheFiveOrangeThe Five Orange Pips and Other Cases by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 Reading slumps are a pain.
That being said I finally picked myself back up and finished this and really enjoyed it. It maybe just a bias to anything Sherlock Holmes but these stories for me are fast and easy to read and very fun. I definitely found myself laughing out loud a few of Holmes’s antics and I’m pretty excited to get another collection and continue my journey through his cases (I’ll probably continue on to the Mary Russell books after that as I’ve heard they’re just as good).     I highly recommend these for any fan of the adaptations.

Still the best

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster

This cover is amazing


    This was really good, the world was really rich and I adored all the characters. My one big problem with it is that I just wanted so much more. I’m typically okay with short stories/novellas, I can dip in and out. But this one I wanted to be 300 pages, I want to walk around and travel with these characters. I’m hoping for more in this world from this writer, she’s bumped up to the top of my watch list, I loved this so much.



ChildhoodChildhood’s End by Arthur C. Clark

    I picked this up to read before watching the show. Hubby and I caught just a portion of the show, the big reveal of the Overlords appearance and it grabbed my interest. Now, however, I don’t know if I want to watch the show. I don’t want to ruin what was an amazing read. This was a beautiful but sad look at humanity and the idea that perhaps the stars aren’t for us. The idea that maybe we aren’t meant to go into the universe and what happens when another race takes it into their hands to ‘help’ us.
This is one I think any science fiction fan should pickup.

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