Top 5 Wednesday : Top 5 Buzzwords


We’ve all got them. Words that when uttered about a book will cause us to pop up and say ‘What was that again?’. Words that pull us in and make us pay attention. You might even have words that will make you immediately buy a book. These are my favorite buzzwords.

Top 5 is, of course, created by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey. And as usual these are not in any specific order.

5) Sherlock Holmes 
While I realize this is less of a buzzword as I guess a comparison I immediately perk up when someone says a book is like or related to Sherlock Holmes. I have always been fascinated with Holmes and the whole deduction thing. I have yet to meet a version of it that I don’t enjoy – book or show. So if something has something to do with Sherlock I’m on board.


4) Magical Realism
Any kind of fiction with just a hint of the unbelievable or the obscure, this is something I want. I love fantasy and science fiction and recently I’ve been hung up on idea of Magical Realism. Just a touch of fantasy in an otherwise normal world. Just enough to make you wonder. For me that makes me think back to my childhood – somethings just weren’t explained or couldn’t be explained to my childish mind. There were some things that were just that side of weird and I thought ‘You never know? This could be my Narnia’. That’s why I enjoy magical realism.

4) Superheroes
Again, something from childhood, but sadly one that I’ve not ever seen really done well. I wish I could say that I have. Besides Seanan McGuire’s Velveteen series – about a former superhero, most superhero stories just don’t cut it for me but I want to desperately love all of them.

3) Dragons
Seriously? Who doesn’t love dragons? If you don’t like dragons I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I especially love dragons and science fiction. Yes please.


2) Cryptozoology 
This is one I have basically one series about. I otherwise have to pick and choose. Anything that falls under the ‘weird’ monsters category can fall into this. Anything without of the normal creatures, stuff you don’t get often. Not vampires or werewolves but the others. The ones no one really uses, give me some of those.

1) Fairies 
Again, I have to be careful with this one. I love the fair folk, I especially love the different takes on them. I’m picky though. A lot of them are pretty terrible. But I’ll always be interested in something if it’s got a mention of Fairies, doubly so if it actually refers to them by ‘fair folk’ or any other variant on their original names.

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