Mini Reviews : Volume 9

I think one or two of these are catch up but the rest are pretty recent reads!

TailchaserTailchaser’s Song by Tad Williams

    This was a reread for me. I originally picked this up back in my early years, I think I was maybe 12 or 13? I surprisingly remembered a lot of it but it was still a great deal of fun. It’s a very classical type of fantasy with a hero’s quest and deep evil. I still to this day love how Tad Williams handled Eatbugs and his story. When I was kid that blew my mind, and even now I really appreciated it, it’s something I thought was different and still a pleasant twist.
I think this one is a staple for me of fantasy books, especially for anyone who loves animals. I didn’t read Watership Down till much later so this was my Watership Down. I really enjoy it, a really recommend it.

The Demigod Files (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Companion Book) byPercyDemigod Rick Riordan

    Oh man, it’s been a while since I read a Percy book. I’m pretty excited to get back to the other books now. I’d forgotten just how many myths and legends Rick Riordan uses and how well too. I really enjoy his interpretations typically and it was good to see some of the characters I really enjoyed from the first series back again.
This was very fun. I’d really recommend it for fans of the series.


DaVinciDa Vinci’s Tiger by L.M. Elliott

     I honestly didn’t expect a lot from this one. I hadn’t heard any thing about it when it arrived in my Owl Crate but I love Art History so I gave it shot for TBR Takedown. I was pleasantly surprised! In fact I’ll probably pick up at some more my Mrs. Elliot.
This was well researched and I loved the references to the art of the period. The little touches, like talking about Leonardo’s struggles with oil paint and watching apprentices making paint with eggs – those got to the Art History nerd in me. I will probably reread this one at a later date just because of the layers of politics and I do think I missed a few little things.

Radiance (Wraith Kings #1) by Grace Draven

      This one was a huge surprise. I really, really enjoyed it and it was exactly what I needed Radianceto combat an oncoming reading slump. I would categorize this the story of two unlikely best friends who wind up falling in love. Our two main characters meet at their wedding. They are two spare heirs of different races, races who find each other physically revolting. I wasn’t sure how that point would be pulled off. Based on the cover they are both human in shape and form. But Grace Draven makes some very on point observations that really spoke to her world building on this.
While it had a few predictable parts, and a few of the ‘adult time’ parts that get this it’s Romance category the book overall was a really fun read for me. The two characters have a natural relationship that develops beautifully (one also completely based off friendship. GIVE ME MORE OF THESE), great dialogue, and an interesting world of night and day. I can’t wait for the second!

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