Mini-Reviews : Volume 1!

Here is a batch of my most recent reads and the mini-reviews I’ve posted to Goodreads!

Iron NightIron Night by M. L. Brennan
Generation V Book 2

    This is an excellent series so far, and this book suffers from none of the typical second book syndrome (though it may help that it’s been awhile since I read book one). I would definitely recommend this one for people who enjoy Harry Dresden. Fort is a much more human and likable character than Harry (IMO, but that doesn’t make Mr. Dresden less awesome) but still just as great, definitely one of my favorite urban fantasy series right now.

ScarletScarlet by Marrisa Meyer
The Lunar Chronicles Book 2

As with most people who’ve read this, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as Cinder. Scarlet reminds me a lot of my love/hate relationship with Rose from Vampire Academy. Quick temper, and impulsive. Those kinds of characters just run all over me. I did however enjoy everyone else, so I’ll pick up Cress soon.

Among the ShadowsAmong the Shadows edited by Kate Karyus Quinn

For a short story collection this was consistently great. I enjoyed all the stories, some more twisted than others, and will definitely be adding this to my rereads shelf. Some of these stories are definitely worth revisiting. My favorites of the batch were Chasing the Sky, and The Eyes Have it. It was a great, short read. Highly recommend this for fans of short stories and stories with a dark twist

TheRestOfUSThe Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

I wasn’t sure how this book was going to pull off it’s premise, but it was really good. I enjoyed this a lot! I was on the fence till about half way through it but the ending shaped up great and a little twist definitely got it back on track for me. The characters are fun and flawed and great all around. A great book if you’re tired of the ‘chosen hero’ trope, something fun and different.

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