Top 5 Wednesday : Fictional Cities

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! But again, with vacation over with and spirits back up I’m ready to dive back in. Today’s Top 5 is my top 5 Fictional Cities. This is a tough one as I am terrible both at names and remembering places but here we go (these are of course in no particular order)!

Ankh Morpork 5.) Ankh-Morpork is probably the last place I might want to visit but it’s one of my favorite places to read about (DISCWORLD!!). It sits on the river Anhk that is supposedly so polluted you can walk on it. Sounds like a great place, huh? It’s on the far side of corrupt, criminal infested, and an all around terrible place to live but makes for a great story settings. The saying goes “There’s a saying that all roads lead to Ankh-Morpork. And it’s wrong. All roads lead away from Ankh-Morpork, but sometimes people walk along them the wrong way.”

4) Hogsmeade Village is definitely a place I want to visit and that I love to read Hogsmeadeabout. It’s less a city and more a village (per name) but I’m counting it because it’s the most important wizarding ‘city’ we get in Harry Potter, and whats a Top 5 without at least one Harry Potter reference. Hogsmeade in Christmas is probably my ideal setting for a story, thanks to a deep love of Harry Potter as a child this place is forever sealed in my memory with happy times (and the Weasleys, so some bitter pain there too)

Tar_Valon3) Tar Valon is the city in which the White Tower sits, home of the Aes Sedai in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time epic. While Robert Jordan’s books leave some things to be desired with his treatment of women his books will always be a huge deal to me, I broke my epic reading teeth on the series (I’m planning a huge reread and catch up in a few months). The Aes Sedai, the magic wielding women, of the White Tower were and still are one of my life goals. Gimme that Power!

2) Baldur’s Gate from the Forgotten Realms world is, again, not a place I’d Baldur'sGatenecessarily want to visit but a place I can read about all day long. I still remember scenes of heroes scampering around corridors and sneaking into houses. Not to mention my own times in the city in numerous D&D/Forgotten Realms games that feature it. Ahhh… sweet adventuring memories.

1) Stormwind City/Orgrimmar – do I need to explain this? Okay, maybe a little, it’s the hub of the Alliance/Horde forces in World of Warcraft and central to a great many Stormwindgatebooks. Why Stormwind and Orgrimmar and not say, Darnassus (the best giant tree city ever) or Undercity? Because they has all the access points: portals to Pandaria, boats/zepplins to Northrend, other major cities like Darnassus/Undercity, most of the main Cataclysm hubs such as Hyjal, etc. You can get almost anywhere in Azeroth from Stormwind and Orgrimmar (except each other). So sign me up!

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