Self Published Books : Thoughts and Recommendations

Self Published books very rarely get love, I hardly see reviews or blurbs about them. I find this really interesting though I really understand. Sometimes wading through the thousands of self published titles on Amazon or your shelf of choice can be overwhelming. More often than not you’ll also run into some that are just, well, bad. Running into that book with little to no editing or a poor constructed story will turn anyone away from reading indie authors.
That being said there are some excellent ones out there. A lot of self pubbed work gets picked up by big name publishers in fact and published traditionally. Authors like Michael J Sullivan, and Hugh Howey.
I’m going to make a concentrated effort to read more self published work and to review those if I enjoy them! For the time being here are some indie authors I do enjoy, some of which have been published traditionally as well:

  • Hugh Howey
  • Jeff Wheeler
  • M. Todd Gallowglas
  • David Dalglish
  • Catherine M Wilson
  • A.R. Kahler
  • Anthea Sharp
  • Mur Lafferty
  • S.J. West
  • Johnny Eaton
  • Rosemary Kirstein
  • Krista D. Ball

Another good source I’ve found in the last few days was The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off on Mark Lawrence’s blog.

Enjoy and if anyone knows of any great indie authors that aren’t on my list already let me know!

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