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Victober Wrap-Up #2!

     I got two things read for Victober last week. One very short story and one longer novel. So far these Victober reads have all been fairly solid, I’m pretty pleased with a lot of these. As always there is a video on the channel linked in the sidebar if you’d rather listen then read.… Continue reading Victober Wrap-Up #2!

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Weekly Wrap-Up 10.17.2017

  It was a slow week last week. I spent the bulk of the week working through two thick books. Both were due on the same day at the end of the week and I managed to get one done, the other I might have kept a few extra days. What’s a few cents worth… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 10.17.2017

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Weekly Wrap-Up! Oct. 10th

     This is going to be very, very short. What I’m going to do during this month is try to do two separate wrap-ups. The usual weekly wrap-ups will be my usual mess of random things I read and the secondary halves will be my weekly Victober wrap-up. This week was a very rough week,… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up! Oct. 10th

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Weekly Wrap-Up 10.3 (A little late)

Coming in a little late, with half good reasons today! I had intended to write and post this yesterday, however I  was locked in at work for about 10 hours at work yesterday. There were some explosions on the large plant I work on, so for safety/security reasons they kept us locked into safe havens.… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 10.3 (A little late)

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Weekly Wrap-up 9.26.2017

This week was fairly busy but I managed to get a good amount read I feel. A good variety of things for sure. One horror, one (very chunky) classic, a cozy mysery, and a literary fiction immigration story. Not too shaby! As always if you want to listen as opposed to read the channel is… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up 9.26.2017

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Vacation Wrap-Up Part 2!

This is the second part to my vacation wrap-up with the normal novels I read this past week. There is a video for this as always if you'd rather listen than read, channel is linked on the side bar!     The first novel I finished was more an collection, The Whole Art of Detection by… Continue reading Vacation Wrap-Up Part 2!

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Non-Fiction Wrap-up! 8.22.2017

I did something different this week and decided to bust up my weekly wrap-up with fiction and non-fiction. This will make these posts and videos shorter and easier to consume! As always there will be a video for this if you'd prefer to listen, linked on the sidebar! The first non-fiction I read was The Perfect… Continue reading Non-Fiction Wrap-up! 8.22.2017