Series Complete : The Generation V Novels or alternate title ‘PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!’

The Generation V Novels by M. L. Brennan Overall Rating : 4.25 stars ¬† ¬†Have you ever felt completely robbed of something in media? Be it a ship that never sailed, or a backstory never completed, a death that was completely meaningless? This my friends is what I feel like having finished Dark Ascension and... Continue Reading →

Guilty Pleasure Reading : Should I feel guilty?

I've been pondering this idea of 'guilty pleasure' reading lately. I'm not sure what brought it on, possibly discussions of genre vs canon and the worth of a reader that I've seen or heard lately. The idea that someone should be ashamed or thought less of for what they read bothers me on a fundamental... Continue Reading →

Changes and New Content

Now that my vacation is over I've decided to make some changes on the blogging front. A couple years ago I ran a book blog, purely books and reviews, but wasn't having fun with it. It closed down and I didn't start back up till now. What I've decided to do is to find a... Continue Reading →

Reading outside your comfort zone

    People have their own tastes and opinions, and everyone is valid in having those. However sometimes I wonder what people thought would happen when they read/watch/listen to something so wildly different from their own tastes.      I read and watch a lot of reviews and talks about books. I try very hard to read... Continue Reading →

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