Overhype : Possibly the worst thing ever?

   I love a good buzz on a book. A great, low grade anticipation to a release. Some mentions here or there, maybe a few good blurbs from some authors I like, etc.
     Lately however things have gotten out of hand a few times. The low grade buzz that gets me stoked grows and becomes a blaze that eats my joy. Maybe it’s the terrible hipster in me or the inner rebel screaming ‘No! Nothing is that good’ with fists raised to the sky, but I have a lot of problems ignoring hype.
      For this I have established some rules. These work for me, and I find if I break my own rules it’s my own fault.

Rules of avoiding The Hype
1) Pre-order the book/Mark the release date for further attention and forget about it.
2) Avoid the pre-release reviews. You are allowed one maybe two, learn your limits through trial and error. My limit is one, and it can’t be longer than 3 mins or 200 words (I’ve been at this awhile).
3) If the book is in your hands DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT BEFORE READING IT. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Don’t tell people you’re reading it, cover it up when others enter.
4) If it happens, someone finds out. The hype seeps into your core and begins to eat at our. It begins to poison your joy, then step away. Tuck the book away. I know it hurts, but in the long run there is a higher chance of enjoying it. At least for me.

    Overhype can be the worst thing ever, and everyone has different degrees of handling it. It’s takes a bit to get me overhyped on a book or movie, and only a third of that for a show (since I don’t watch much TV). Some people love hype, they bath in it like addicts. You go amazing immune people. I wish I was you. But for the rest of us there are some ideas, my own rules.

    (Brought on by a bitter bitter case of overhype)

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