Looking Forward Too…

     The holiday tempo is starting to hit. It’s a mix of the holiday anxiety slowly rising, and the slow pacing of the winter months and back to back holidays. Once Halloween hits it will move to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, family birthdays and Christmas. Then starts the worst part of the year at my job for about three months. I can’t decide if I’m excited about it or dreading it. Bookish news for me has also slowed down a bit the past few weeks as well!

   I got a few things in the mail the past two weeks. Most recently I got volume 6 of Giant Days. I read this the same day I got it because of course I did and I loved it because I japan.jpgusually do. This comic book is one guaranteed to make me laugh, it was a really nice break in the middle of the week. I also got Antony Cummings’s The Dark Side of Japan. This is the same author who worked on the translation of the Japanese ninja I read a while back. My husband is a big follower of his work and he picked this as right up my street with folk lore and occult level stuff going on, it’s the top of my list for Nonfiction November! Last week nothing new came but my used copy of The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer came in. I want to read that one this weekend because Hello Haunted Houses!

    As far as next week looks I have nothing new coming but there are some things I’ll be looking for at the library, definitely more on the light side of the spectrum but we all need those chill reads every now and again.

  • Have Sword Will Travel by Garth Nix & Sean Williams – This is a middle grade sword.jpgthat looks to have all the hallmarks of a fun adventure and possibly some fun playing with the gender norm. It could go one of two ways, and I’ve enjoyed Garth Nix in the past so I’m hoping it will be a winner.
  • The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill – Another middle grade! This one is also a graphic novel and really I was sold at ‘tea dragons’. I will always have a huge soft spot for dragons, especially if they might be tiny dragons. Yes please!
  • Wilde in Love by Eloisa James – The heroine in this romance is what has me intrigued. I mean, they all seem to love books and be shy but I can’t help but fall for the bookish, but foul mouthed lady heroine. I just empathize a little too much.

    There are some back-list books I’m keeping an out for! Thankfully most of these definitely along the older lines so I might be able to get most of them at the library when I decide to dig in. I might have gotten lost last week looking at true crime books and added Helter Skelter and In Cold Blood to my list. This stuff is mobidly fascinating to me but I really have to be in the mood for it otherwise it just ends up giving me anxiety turin.jpgattacks. We’ll see what happens, maybe soon? I then discovered thanks to my Goodreads feed a mystery series starting with Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong. I’m always on the hunt for mysteries not set in the States, and this one is in Shanghai! It has some great reviews from my friends on Goodreads so I’m actually waiting on the it from the library now. Finally, SFF180 did a review of The Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio De Maria, Translated by Ramon Glazov that has me intrigued. I love weird fiction and Creep-Tastic Cover alert, look at that thing. It’s so far up my street it should be in my house… in my hands for me to read.

     I have to also share that Seanan McGuire’s newest Rose Marshall book was announced and there was definitely some squeals and cheers from my cube at work. People stared, but that’s okay, at this point I’m used to it. Check out the news for yourself and see that smexy cover.

      That’s it for bookish news I do believe. As far as non-bookish I’ve finally started up Assassin’s Creed Chronicles : India and am really enjoying it so far. I discovered when a friend at work picked up the Definitive Guide to AC that Arbaaz from this game is the father of Henry from Syndicate (my favorite) so I got a little extra motivation to give it a go. I may finally get around to finishing my own Syndicate game afterwards. It was one of those games I played over my husband’s shoulder originally so I really want to get back into and get to that Jack the Ripper DLC. Outside that I’ve been playing with my notebook making and listening to a lot of music. It’s been a slow few weeks folks!

      How is everyone else doing? What are you looking forward to!

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