Non-Fiction November MBR!

     It’s Non-Fiction November time! I’m pretty pumped about in all honestly, I love my non-fiction. And you know how it goes around here, I am super bad at TBRs so instead I have four  books I’m going to try to read and a metric ton of books I might read so I have a lot of wiggle room! As always you can listen instead of read – channel is linked in the side bar!   So there are four challenges for Non-Fiction November and they’re one word challenges so you can swing it to fit your books however you’d like. The specific four books I’ve picked (and hopefully the first four I’ll read so I don’t start to do the TBR sweats) are :

  1. Home –  The Strange in the Woods by Michael Finkel
    This one is about a man managing to make and maintain his life completely alone in the Maine woodland. I read the original essay/article this was adapted from so I’m curious to see what new information the book has.
  2. Substance – Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner
    This one is all about the weird things that have to do with economics, shopping, real estate, etc. I heard about this one on Adam Ruins Everything, and it’s been lurking on my TBR for ages. I’m excited to finally try to get to it.
  3. Love – Oink : My Life With Mini-Pigs by Matt Whyman
    This is another human/pet/animal memoirs I love. A man ends up with two mini pigs to go with the chickens, cats, and dogs he already has. I’ve always heard that mini-pigs are just baby pigs so I’ll be interested to see where this goes.
  4. Scholarship – The Dark Side of Japan by Antony Cummins
    My husband really enjoys Antony Cummins’s work on Youtube and this fits in extremely well with my NaNoWriMo project so I grabbed it up last week. It also has some killer illustrations in it. I’m excited about this one.

Those are the four specific books I want to get to. I do however have a ton of extras. Just to rattle off a bunch:

And those are just the books I own in physical format. I have a few non-fic books from the library and who knows how many on my kindle. I’m ready for this guys! What is everyone else reading, is anyone else stupidly excited like me? Non-fiction books for days!

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