Weekly Wrap-Up 5.31.17

    Reading the past week has dropped off, either due to spending time with my husband who has been home all week as opposed to out at the gym or just things broken and having to fix them. I do believe I have only two things to actually touch base on as the fourth will be part of a series wrap-up so let’s get straight in. As always if you’d rather listen I have a video up online.

    The first thing I finished was really just finally reading the last two chapters of Thelawrence Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian which I’ve had nearly completed for about a week now. This is the pseudo sequel to The Soldier’s Scoundrel, and follows Jack’s brother Georgie on a job that of course ends in love. This had a little more of the tension I noted the first lacked. I was actually a bit worried about Georgie (in the sense that you never really actually worry about a romance lead more of minor ‘huh, I hope he comes back in reasonable shape) in two situations. Additionally the romantic interest in this one had what I guess would be either severe introversion or agoraphobia, either way I liked him quite a bit. Mrs. Sebastian has a knack for making characters work, at least for me, and they are even stronger in this installment. For a romance series this is a solid pick, I have actually gone ahead and pre-ordered the next book!

    flamingos The second book I finished was Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews. This is the third in the Meg Langslow mystery series. I read the first one solely on the fact that I loved the titles on these books. They’re bird related and mostly puns, so sign me up! I got lucky in that they are fun books, not amazing but definitely fun! They stick with me, which is a strong statement with me as I tend to forget everything after a few weeks. In this one Meg is working a Ren faire type of event, and of course a murder is committed. With these books I try very hard not to guess the culprit, making an effort to let myself completely check out. I did alright with that, though I knew without even having to ‘guess’ who the murderer was. What I didn’t see was the ridiculous twists and turns the book would take. I’ll give it that, it doesn’t shy away from being over the top. It never takes itself seriously however so it’s ultimately a good time.

      The third book I finished was Acceptance by Jeff Vandermeer, the final book in theSouthern Reach Trilogy, but I’ll be doing a whole post/video about the series and my thoughts on it.acceptance.jpg

      That’s it. This week, well let’s just hope it’s much better than last week!

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