Thoughts: The Mimicking of Known Success by Malka Older

Source: Netgalley, thank you very much Tor!TL;DR: A unique and very refreshing take on the Holmesian mystery genre, on Jupiter! Plot: An intriguing mystery of a missing man, that is compounded with a side of murder and thievery!Setting: Set on elaborate rings around Jupiter it was hard to picture in the larger scale, but the... Continue Reading →

Mystery Time! A Buzzy Book Wrap-Up

Let's talk about a super hyped thriller and a new release that I may or may not have cheated and skipped 12 books to read?       Sometimes I read books by celebrities and I just shrug, sometimes I laugh and wonder how much they paid to get this published, and sometimes I read it... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-Up 5.31.17

    Reading the past week has dropped off, either due to spending time with my husband who has been home all week as opposed to out at the gym or just things broken and having to fix them. I do believe I have only two things to actually touch base on as the fourth will... Continue Reading →

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