Booktube SFF Babbles #3 | Underrated SFF

Time for another (late) Booktube SFF Babbles for this year’s awards! This one is underrated SFF and this was exceptionally hard for me to pick! I had a lot of awesome books to choose from. There is of course a video available on the channel if you’d rather listen to me (and it’s short this time! Go me!).

  • In the Stars I’ll Find You & Other Tales of Futures Fantastic by Bradley P. Beaulieu 
    This is a great anthology of SF works. A lot of these have stuck with me since I read them after the Kickstarter completion last year, maybe even the year before. I haven’t read anything else by Bradley since then but I’m seriously hankering to do so. A super fun, and relatively cheap read (especially on Kindle).
  • Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant  Rolling
    Mira Grant is the pen name of the wonderful Seanan McGuire – someone any
    frequent reader has heard of. A lot. This may have actually been reviewed on this blog way back in the day, but I’m too lazy to look! It’s a short story about a team that goes out to film a faux documentary on mermaids and what comes up to… ‘greet’ them. She has a full length novel that follows the events of this coming up at the end of the year and holy shits am I excited.
  • Cold Forged Flame by Marie Brennan –
    I know I did a review on this, and really recommended it last year but the TL;DR is this: A woman wakes up with no awareness of herself or where and what she is. She’s given a task to complete, and if she does so she’ll learn all she needs. It was so fun for being so short. I really think this one didn’t get enough justice – so worth reading.
  • Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson
    This is yet another one I’m 90% sure I’ve talked about here on the blog. But it is a fantastic Caribbean inspired SF about a young girl and her father who get exiled from their world and how she copes with that and deals with the fact that as she grows up. It’s wonderful, especially if you want some diverse SF reads.HammerBlade
  • The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp –
    This I read maybe two years ago for my IRL book club. This is a great read for a old school fantasy romp, it follows a priest of a long forgotten god of moments and thief. They are a fantastic pair of hooligans and I loved the ride, I need to return to this world soon, as the series got extended!
  • Mirabile by Janet Kagan
    This is a great anthology of stories SF stories that follow a woman on a plant in the process of being colonized. The cruz of the story is the way the genetics of their Family Plotgeneration ship was stored. Multiple strands of multiple DNA sequences are interwoven so that one species can mutate or evolve into another. Super interesting, probably completely impossible, but wild fun.
  • The Family Plot by Cherie Priest
    This was one of my most viewed reviews from last year. I do recommend checking that, but this is a fantastic ‘haunting’ book. A good ghost story that has a great lady lead. I really enjoyed this, from the setting to the characters. I really recommend this.
  • Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear
    My final book, just like in my video, I’ll describe simply. Lesbian prostitutes in the Wild West, with Lovecraftian shenanigans. How do you say no to that?

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