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Weekly WrapUp 5.15.17

What a week. Did anyone else have a week of Mondays? Or was that just us? Work was a beast and honestly with the stuff breaking at my house there was little time to doanything but monitor what should be a self monitoring machine to make sure it worked. I did get a few things… Continue reading Weekly WrapUp 5.15.17

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BooktubeSFF Babbles / TFW : Top 5 Cover Art

Late as usual! I’m here to show you guys my Top 5 Cover Art choices for the Top 5 Wednesday and BooktubeSFF Babbles cross over post. There is a video on the Youtube channel of course, but all images and sites are available here as well! Same as any other time I do a Top… Continue reading BooktubeSFF Babbles / TFW : Top 5 Cover Art

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Booktube SFF Babbles – Top 5 Want to Read SFF

I'm going to start this bad boy off by mentioning two books I think will be on a lot of people's lists and that I also am super excited about. Β The rest of my list is going to be books I've pre-ordered and I feel like maybe need to more attention than they're getting? I… Continue reading Booktube SFF Babbles – Top 5 Want to Read SFF

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Booktube SFF Babbles #3 | Underrated SFF

Time for another (late) Booktube SFF Babbles for this year's awards! This one is underrated SFF and this was exceptionally hard for me to pick! I had a lot of awesome books to choose from. There is of course a video available on the channel if you'd rather listen to me (and it's short this… Continue reading Booktube SFF Babbles #3 | Underrated SFF