Weekly WrapUp 5.15.17

What a week. Did anyone else have a week of Mondays? Or was that just us? Work was a beast and honestly with the stuff breaking at my house there was little time to doanything but monitor what should be a self monitoring machine to make sure it worked.


I did get a few things read, not nearly enough (so that #BookBuddyAThon didn’t seem to happen, sorry Scott ;_;) but here is what I did read, and as always a video is available on the channel to listen to as opposed to read if you’d like!

The week started off honestly really good! Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural cannibalism.jpgHistory by Bill Schutt was a huge winner for me. I’ve been kind of lusting after this book, the stupidly weird nature topic is totally my wheelhouse so when I heard about it on Book Riot I was on high alert. When it showed up in the library I almost tore something I dove at it so fast. And I really loved it. He starts with the animal kingdom, small to large then goes into human accounts of cannibalism and ties everything together with a look at Mad Cow Disease and how cannibalism could affect us end game. You’d think this might be boring, but you’d be wrong! He has this snarky sense of humor that just popped in and out and tickled me. More than a few times I laughed out loud and had to stop and explain myself to the better half when I disturbed his Playstation time. This is a big old recommendation from me. Yes yes, good times.

The next book wasn’t bad either! The Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian was soldier.jpgjust straight brain candy when the week got really rough. It’s exactly what it looks like, a historical M/M romance. A bit heavier on the sex than I wanted, but the both men were adorable. As with a lot of these types of books the main characters and the ‘next book’ characters are the most developed, the rest are just 2D. The situation was mild though and engaging so it kept me going. Imagine a jaunt through the English countryside, light mystery, and heavy boy love. I know that has to tickle someone’s fancy.

Norse      The one… dud? Was it a dud? I can’t decide. The one… mixed feelings inspiring book (has less of a ring to it doesn’t it) was Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Which for whatever reason I keep calling American Gods. I’m going to go ahead and get it out here, I am really glad I cancelled my pre-order on this last year. I did it because of money reasons but now I’m glad. The book didn’t have Gaiman’s usual over writing, but it was very… simple. It read as if it were a primer to the Norse myths. To be really fair, I haven’t read a primer to Norse myths so this was alright, but I feel bad for people who spent 30 dollars on the hardcover. It’s not a usual Neil Gaiman, but it’s a good intro the mythology I suppose. A solid middle of the lane, easy kind of read. I don’t know that I can ‘strongly’ recommend it, but if you see it at the library go for it!

My short read for the week was Killing Gravity by Corey J. White. This is one of Tor.com‘s newest novellas, so y’all know I picked it up. It follows Mariam Xi as she’s killing.jpgpicked up by a salvage ship, floating in the wreckage of a ship she just destroyed. She’s a ‘space witch’, think Phoenix from X-Men’s telekinetic powers multiplied by 10. Give her a little more dimension and personality and Mary Sue-ness (sorry not sorry, can’t stand her) and you have a pretty good Mariam. The story was fun, and definitely of the ‘suspend your disbelief kind’. Great brain popcorn. I’d like to see more development on the characters, notice I did say add ‘a little more’ up there. It was a super fun and fast paced start that I think with a few more entries will be a great ride. Plus the tiny cat beast Seven was a constant delight and joy. Ah! And I almost forgot, the casual gender neutrality? Loved that. Without beating us over the head he established and stuck by the right pronouns for a gender neutral character. Again, loved that. Good job. I should have a fuller review now that I’m thinking about this coming up soon.

I squeezed in yesterday Giant Days Volume 4 as well. Not much to say on it as it is volume 4, but I really liked it. Not as good as volume 3 but Esther is a babe so I loved following her around. The cliffhanger ending too, no spoilers, but those two characters I can’t wait to see what happens. They are the two I love the most!

A slow week, not horrible but slow. How’d everyone else’s reading go?

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