Booktubeathon Wrap-up!

So as far as meeting challenges and 'winning' at Booktubeathon, I did not make it. However I got a lot of reading done! I'm actually really happy with how much I got done and just the content overall. I didn't meet all the reading challenges but I'm alright with that. As always on these you... Continue Reading →

Anything But Books Tag

I was tagged by Doris over at All D Books, so here are my answers to the Anything But Books Tag! No weekly wrap-up this week as I had to be a grown up and drive out of town twice for very adult related chores (car buying). I'm pretty pooped so a tag is what... Continue Reading →

Booktube Newbie Tag!

So I guess this could be my announcement post, but I'm pretty sure y'all have already noticed - but I'm doing Booktube now! I've been working on getting my feet under me balancing real life, blog, and channel. I'm getting there. But I posted my newbie tag this past weekend! It was really fun. Really... Continue Reading →

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