Mini-Reviews : Volume 20

   So a small batch of Mini-Reviews for you guys! We can call this a Young Adult mini review batch, and they are all pretty solid picks for me!



I may have mentioned Kids of Appetite by David Arnold before, but I’m going to touch
on it again because it was super fun. David Arnold has a way with words that I really appreciate, though he has in both his books fallen into what I call the ‘pretentious teen’ trope. I used to really enjoy that trope honestly, but now it’s harder to get me into it. This one worked for me though! I managed to get me in the feelings really hard, especially when you get the reveal of everyone’s backstory. This is one I’d recommend, especially if you enjoy YA novels.

metal   I discovered the Kindle Cloud Reader and holy shit.  I’ve already gushed on in a previous post so I’m going to reel it in. Anyway. The first thing I read was Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine. It’s not an own voices book but does feature I think an almost entirely Asian cast, which was super nice. It did have a lot of telling instead of showing, but by the end I was pretty enthralled trying to find out what was happening. It’s definitely very ‘Phantom of the Opera’ style.  If you’re a fan of that I’d say try this one, I’ll definitely be moving forward with the series.

    Another Cloud Read Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake gave me the same sort of ‘it was fun if you like YA’ feelings as Kids of Appetite, though I think I’d recommend KOA annafirst. This one is, I think Kendare Blake’s debut, and you can tell. It was by no means bad but I did have a few problems with the main character’s very stereotypical view of girls (which could be due to his constantly moving lifestyle) and the frankly weird romance element late in the book. The writing though, I really enjoyed and I’m totally down to try her newest stuff to see how she’s grown. Three Dark Crowns is on my radar, if I catch it cheap or at the library I’ll pick it up. With this one also, I’ll finish the series but I’m a little concerned about it because I’m desperately worried it’s going to do something it really shouldn’t. Fingers crossed!

    Finally the best of the batch! Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan was a beautiful piece of work. Epic levels of wonderful. I cannot recommend this enough – I loved it so much and it’s such a boysfast read. It will get you in the feelings, you’ll love and hate all the characters appropriately, and you’ll understand the queer movement so much more. If you’re looking for more information for something powerful and own voices please look this up. It’s a must read for anyone interested in the topic!

     So that should be it for this volume of Mini-Reviews, check back… the next time I can type without severe pain for volume 21 (ha)!

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