Mini-Reviews Volume 13

This was a good bunch. I hit a slumpy period but came out guns blazing or pages flying if you would.


The Madness Underneath (Shades of London #2) by Maureen Johnson

  Oh My Glob. I still can’t react to the ending of this book. I simply cannot – I don’t… I don’t know. I was NOT ready for it. I didn’t see it. It was like a kick in the gut, holy shit. I freaked out and had to have my husband order me the third… and now that it’s here I’m terrified of it.
From Goodreads: I was entirely unprepared for this one. I enjoyed the first book, it was fun and had what I thought was a great idea behind it. This one started a little slow and went to a weird place that I didn’t expect. Then those last 30 pages or so. I was not prepared for that and for what it did. I’m not going to spoil it, but I will say have all the books there with you. You’ll want to jump straight into book three.


A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holes #1) by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAStudy

This was a great Sherlock story, if you haven’t read Sherlock I would say try this. It’s one of the few full(ish) stories of Sherlock. That being said it’s a bit different from the shorter stories, so something to keep in mind!
From Goodreads: ** spoiler alert ** I was a little worried going into this, just unsure of how a longer Holmes story would read. I really enjoyed The Hound of Baskerville when I read it but I loved the short stories I read between these two. I shouldn’t have been too worried however, this was excellent. I really enjoyed the second portion of the story, deviating from Sherlock and Watson to give us the back story of our murderer. It was different from the previous books in it’s delivery and made the victims seem more the villains and our murderer more the almost hero. A great way to turn it around.
   Overall, a great one. I really enjoyed it and will definitely recommend it for any new fans of the series.
Side note – this was the story that the first Sherlock episode is based on. That tickles me.


BeforeTheAwakeningStar Wars : Before the Awakening (Star Wars Canon) by Greg Rucka

I don’t think my Goodread’s review changed – you can definitely check that out below!
From Goodreads: Maybe a 3.5*s.
This was good, but I think I waited to long after the movie to read it. Not because I have lost interest in the movie but I actually read a lot of what would have been new information for me online.
The stories were definitely also written in more of a YA tone and I was hoping for a more adult tone. That was also on me simply not checking the book thoroughly before hand.
If you haven’t been prowling the web for theories or new info this is definitely worth getting, I did enjoy it! Anything that gives me more of these three is an awesome, awesome thing

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