Mini Reviews Vol 8!

Some of these were actually read before the last batch of mini reviews but due to the fact that the holidays ruined my ability to think they got left behind. So here we are, trying to play catch up!

TheHeiressEffectThe Heiress Effect (Book Two in the Brother’s Sinister Series) by Courtney Milan

      This particular volume was good, I liked it’s entry in the series and what it did with Oliver but I had a few issues fully enjoying it. It’s all me to, I simply do not enjoy uncomfortable situations – really tense ones and this book had an uncomfortable subplot that had me worried throughout the bulk of it. I do wish we had more of those characters involved in that story as well, they seemed to have a case of the instalove, but that was just due to the lack of attention we got. It would have bloated the book but I wish we’d seen it!
I do have to add though that so far these books are impressing me with the uniqueness of each character and their personalities. They aren’t all simpering girls, or the tomboy who can’t be tamed. They have depth to them that really grabs you.


Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! (Star Wars
Illustrated Novels Book 3) by Tom Angleberger and Ian Mccaig


     The writing style on this did not work well BewareThePowerfor me. It was present tense (which I like), third person (which is okay in present tense), but it kept jumping into foreshadowing or joking comments by the author that would pull me out. It’s not often that I read something written for young enough audiences that I can’t enjoy it but this was one of those times.
I definitely finished it, it was a good refresher on the movie and I got a few more details out of it than I would have had so that was nice, but the writing style was just not my friend. I would most heartily recommend it for young readers, especially boys though, as I think it would be best suited to them.


The Empire Strikes Back : So You Want To Be A Jedi (Star Wars Illustrated Novels Book 2) by Adam Gidwitz and Ian Mccaig

SoYouWantThis was a fairly accurate retelling. The only thing I have to note, after looking at the other reviews is that this is definitely written for children. Probably low middle grade, and not knowing the author’s style going in is probably going to throw some people off. I was familiar with Mr. Gidwitz’s style, I’ve read the first book in his MG series, so I wasn’t too surprised. That’s the big thing to keep in mind. It is second person, so that makes a little different.

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