Top 5 Wednesday : Top 5 Halloween Reads


I love spooky books, not slasher books, but the paranormal/ghost type of stories. Creepy girls in mirrors or werewolves stalking the townsfolk. Those are the ones. I’ve just recently discovered this love too! Here are a few of my current favorite picks for Halloween. Of course, in no particular order.
Top 5 is of course created by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey. And as usual these are not in any specific order.

Coraline5) Coraline by Neil Gaiman

   If you came to this list expecting no Gaiman than you’re wrong. He has a very lyrical, almost fairy-tale esque writing style that can transform even the normal into the extraordinary. So when he takes something like, button eyed families wanting to take over your life? It gets positively freaky. I love Coraline, the movie and the book, and highly recommend it for this time of year.

4)  Dracula by Bram StokerDracula

     I’m actually in the middle of this one now and I adore it. It could be the audio version I’m listening to (a full casting including Tim Curry!) but I also just love the format of the story. It’s written in letters, diary entries, and records from papers and other sources. You get all the classic Dracula mythos and details you would never have expected. I love this Doctor Van Hellsing as well, though I’m a fan of vampire hunters and the like, I feel almost bad for the way that people have reinvented him over the years!

BirdBox3) Bird Box by Josh Mallerman

Imagine you can’t open your eyes. You open them, you die. The world has gone crazy. People who open their eyes go after others, animals, even themselves (Happening style). No imagine you’ve been raising twins in this terrible world, you might be last people alive and your only hope is a message you received so long ago you don’t know if it’s still real, that there is a safe place down the river. That’s the setup. Malorie has to take her twins to this safe place, all without seeing anything, only by listening can she get them there. This just chilled me in so many small ways. It still wigs me out thinking about it!

2) The Dead House by Dawn KurtagichTheDeadHouse

   I talked about this one Monday on my Mini-Reviews from last week. This is the story of Kaitlyn, the ‘Alter’ or constructed personality of Carly. It’s the story of a mysterious fire that consumes their school leaving 3 dead and Carly missing. There are plenty of classic Horror elements, from the mirrors to bizarre little girls watching you. I’m still not sure who-dun-it and frankly, I don’t think I want to know. My current theory has me still thinking ‘WTF, How is that possible?’

wpid-wp-1436966528200.jpeg1)Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Another classic horror, Turn of the Screw is the shortest book on this list, but language-wise might be the most dense. I’d definitely recommend this one though if you want to try out some classic spooky. This is yet another one that still bothers me to think about. The kids and the ghosts and the… what did they want with those kids? What did they do to them!? It’s a crazy ride but well worth it. I wouldn’t however recommend the BBC movie, just don’t hurt yourself that way.

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