Y’All Fest 2015

Is anyone else going to YALL Fest?
This is the highlight of my year, I’m not even kidding. Last year was the first year that my husband and I attended YALL Fest and we loved it. The ‘we’ in that sentence is surprising as my husband does not read very much – or didn’t at the time. According to him it felt like a safe place, a place where people came to enjoy and talk about something they loved and no one was judging them for it. He loved that, and couldn’t stop talking about how surprising that was to him. Most cons tend to have that hidden undercurrent of ‘oh no, what could go wrong’. We didn’t have that, we just loved it and enjoyed it, so naturally I can’t wait for this year’s events.
The keynote speakers this year are R.L. Stine, Richelle Mead, Brandon Mull, and Brandon Sanderson,
All of these, except Brandon Mull as I haven’t read anything of his, are authors I love. R.L. Stine was one I grew up reading even though his books never did scare me that much, Richelle Mead is just great, and Brandon Sanderson is one of my top authors just for his world building and magic crafting.
The additional guests which are listed on the site include people like Mercedes Lackey, Nicola Yoon, Scott Westerfield, and Meg Cabot.
The only problem is that I get flustered when meeting people I respect or want to meet. My exact words to Rainbow Rowell last year were something like ‘I love your write books, I mean your books that you… you know!’ then after she laughed at me I just waved my hands and said ‘Words’. I literally cannot speak to people. So most of what happens is me panicking.
It won’t stop me though, I plan on going to get those signatures and meet these bad-asses of the literary young adult fields. Who else is going? Anyone?

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