Top 5 Wednesday: Things on your bookshelf that aren’t books

Let’s be honest here. I have a ton of books. I have a whole room dedicated to the books. I probably need another room for books, it’s really messy in there. But I have managed to squeeze some goodies on the shelves to spruce them up!20150707_211039

5. Dolls. I have a small collection of Monster High Dolls. I love the creative takes on the monster girls. It’s a secret love, don’t tell anyone. My favorite by far is Skelita. I love her mold and though the paint job isn’t perfect I really dig her. My VTM character is a Nosferatu with scars and bruising that makes her appear skeletal so Skelita is like a glam version of Lindsey for me.


4. Action Figures. My husband tucks his action figures where he can get to them while we’re gaming and he’ll play with them. Because we’re adults that why. My favorite of his figures are the turtles. We also have the TMNT turtles in their Dungeons & Dragon costumes from the recent season and I keep those with my Ps4. They are the best.


3. Loose Dice. We are big tabletop gamers in this house. We play Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Vampire, Mage. If it’s a tabletop game we’ve played it. So we have literally hundreds of loose dice laying around. It’s pretty impossible to pick my favorite dice but our Pound of Dice has provided me no end of amusement.


2. More gaming supplies. This is stuff like tiny post-it notes for our books to note things, cups of pencils and pens, notebooks of notes from longer stories, sketchbooks for map-making, etc. There is something on almost every shelf. The shelf it’s intended for though is my favorite. I just really love those mugs, so damn handy


1. And the winner today… Stuffed animals. Especially those little ones you win out of claw machines or the little chibi ones. I have just managed to amass a collection without meaning too so they are everywhere, usually themed to their shelf. Gandalf on fantasy, Zombies on zombie shelf, R2D2 and Chewie on the Sci-fi shelf, etc. The clear winner of stuffed animals will be my R2D2 and Chewie. I mean… come on.

Top 5 Wednesday is made by GingerReadsLainey and you can check out the Goodreads group over here!

PS: Did you like how I got lazy and stopped drawing on them? Yuuuup….

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