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Double Mystery Time! Unintentional Themes of Children abound!

It’s mystery time! I’ve been doing pretty good on my whole ‘read more mysteries’ thing that I started last year. I will admit I’m keeping pretty much in the same lane with slightly cozy, well known series. I am really enjoying this though so I feel no shame. I also try to keep them as diverse as I can and I think I can also say I’m succeeding there as I’ve learned more about different cities in the world than I would have previously. I have two to look at now, both of which I really liked! Continue reading

The Hat Trick : Sherlock Reads

        I’ve been super behind on everything, so here is me playing catch up! If you pay attention to the YouTube channel you have seen these reviews. If you don’t then here you go! I’m going to try to keep my blog up with the videos that go up over there. The exception might be hauls or so, those aren’t as easy to write out. Anyway, this is a (up until now) an unofficial series of videos I’d been doing, which I plan on making official, and calling The Hat Trick. My husband tells me ‘The Hat Trick’ is a term from hockey but can be used to mean a series of three things. These will be three interconnected reviews. They’ll be in the same topic, writer, publishing type, etc. The currently in the progress one is Japanese culture, but this one is my recent Sherlock reads! You can watch/listen to me here or just keep reading! Continue reading

Favorite 2016 Reads!

      It’s incredibly hard, at least for me, to list favorite reads of anything. I don’t tend to get hung up particular reads, but there are some stand out peices from this year that either somehow managed to tickle the fangirl in me or managed to stick with me. Especially in the later half of the year when I began diversifying my reading!
These are definitely not in any particular order, though it may be in reading order since I used Goodreads to find them. All of these I would definitely HIGHLY recommend.
Happy New Year!

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