Self-Isolation Recommendations: Just a little light reading

  So it’s a bad time in the world, we can all agree on that. So I thought I’d make two posts – one talks about how to get easier access to books while trapped inside and one about some easy and light reads to get into that will help distract from the mess of the world.

I’m just going to, in our usual fashion, make a bullet list and throw some of these out at you. I am also going to attempt to mix this up with various genres and topics. I’ll label them as such as we go.


  • Dark/Gritty Urban High Fantasy – Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone
    This one is a darker start to the list. Set in a fantasy world that also happens to be set in a city – this is kind of urban but not truly. While it is a darker toned story I don’t see it as a heavy read and it’s very pacy. It will hook you in and definitely keep you busy. It also has a fantastic ending, with some amazing anime inspired style fight scenes.
  • Non-Fiction/Egyptian History – The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt by Kara Cooney
    Everyone goes through that phase as a kid where they love Egytian mythology, don’t lie to me and they all grow out of. This though, made it cool again for me. Very readable and super fascinating, if you don’t know or remember a lot about Egyptian history this does a great job of reintroducing it to you.
  • Classic Science Fiction – Mirabile by Janet Kagan
    This is a set of short stories set in a colony of humans on a newly colonized planet. It’s definitely something I’d class as ‘hopeful science fiction’. There is a lot of interesting genetic manipulation and fun creatures as well, so if those are buzzwords for you then this is a great pickup.
  • Star Wars – Dark Disciple by Christie Golden
    For the Star Wars fans this is one of my favorites. It is based on the plans for episodes of Clones Wars that never got made and is considered canon. Even if you’re just barely getting back into the series this is a very fun read.


  • Urban Fantasy/Romance – Night Shift by Ilona Andrews, etc
    This is a collection of 4 short stories, including a couple by some old and new favorites of the genre. Two are true Urban Fantasy Romance, one has quite a bit more humor, and the last is a Fantasy Romance that honestly feels like ridiculous campy fantasy movie plus a lot more sex.
  • Space Fantasy – Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey
    This is a perfect mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Think Star Wars meets true magic. I can’t describe this the way I want to without spoiling the end of the first book – but I loved the two books in this series.
  • Romance/Queer Romance – Anything by Cat Sebastian
    If you want some easily accessible romance, especially some queer ones go for Cat Sebastian. I can’t think of a single one of her books I disliked. I would recommend them all.
  • Non-Fiction/Audio/Dinosaurs – A Grown-up Guide to Dinosaurs by Ben Garrod
    This is a very short, straight to audio look at Dinosaurs as an adult. Ben Garrod goes to various locations and talks to experts about the beasties and takes you along for the ride. There are sound effects and it was all and all a super fun read. I highly recommend this one and that says a lot since I don’t enjoy audio 8/10 times.

That’s it for (maybe the first?) the recommendations. If anyone enjoys this or has any to add let me know! Thanks for reading guys, enjoy, and keep safe and stay inside!

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