Things I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Another installment! Look at me go! Just a mix this time, articles, books, and research ideas.

  • An article I really found interesting over on Book Riot talked about how the New Hunger Games Novel helped the author realize how she’s almost aged out of some of YA tropes – something I intensely agree and feel.
    This is something I feel especially keenly, as a lot of my collected experiences are often used as plot devices or throw away tools in a lot of books, YA especially, and it makes it difficult to read. Not always because I’m still hung up it but that the disregard for it is obvious and for those still dealing with the pain and trauma, it seems intensely self centered, voyeuristic, and opportunistic.
    While I realize a lot of people want to see these things reflected to reflect their own experiences, I typically do not because they don’t reflect what actually happened. They make it feel like fuel for the ‘gritty’ fire. A tool and little more.
    I also really empathize with how the author talks about violence amongst children. Having a child of my own and having lost (and buried) two I struggle intensely with this.
  • Victober is coming! There are a ton of fantastic TBRs going up, a few of my favorites so far:
  • On a happier note – have I mentioned how into the Critical Role Lofi mixes I am? My favorite is currently the Caduceus track.
  • I’ve discovered cottagecore. Which seems dumb and silly, I know, but I love it. It’s mainly the imagery and aesthic that gets me. I find it soothing an comforting. I’ve changed most of my wallpapers and lock screens (if they aren’t of my baby girl) to images that fall into that ‘look’. It’s so nice. I honestly might change some of my headers for the blog around to match the theme and season.

That’s it for now. I’ll start another new post of things I love and add things in over the next few weeks. If anything stands out or you have something interesting to add let me know!

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