Thoughts: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Possibly the most talked about book from my TBR finally got to me. I was on the hold for this in several places but I lucked out finally at the library! I’m glad I did, this is one I can see a lot of people enjoying this Halloween.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Source: Library
TL;DR : Exactly my type of horror, slow and subtle but definitely not for everyone


This has been getting so much hype online – to the point where I was certain this was not going to be for me. I was incorrect in that assumption, which is unsurprising seeing has how much I loved Gods of Jade and Shadow. This follows the exploits of Noemi as she travels to find and possibly rescue her cousin who wrote her family saying her husband was poisoning her (among other things). Noemi gets to the small, dying town that the manor her cousin lives in sits above and adventure ensues.
This has a very slow and creeping horror. In fact the tone is almost light, describing this socialite’s actions in a setting that crawls at you from the edges. This is the type of horror I enjoy, but I know that not everyone will. It is not jump horror or grotesque. It’s slow and insidious. It’s also not super scary but it will make your skin crawl.
The characters do not go through major changes, instead we see revelations. Steps taken, and knowledge gained. I don’t know that you come to these types of books for that sort of thing though – so this may not be a concern to most readers. I will say the characters do very much fit the molds you expect right off the bat. That wasn’t a problem for me but I went in wanting just that, a new take and setting on a horror story I’d read before.
Finally I will say because of those things, things I liked, it can’t say it’s groundbreaking. It’s just that, a story you’ve heard before with new pieces in. The horror bit itself was something I’d read in other horror stories with different settings. It wasn’t wholly original but it didn’t need to be. Go into it wanting a slow, creepy, and fun horror novel and that’s what you’ll get.

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