Thoughts: The Best of our Past, The Worst of Our Future by Christi Nogle

Source: NetGalley - Thank you to the publisher!TL;DR: A fantastically strong collection, there were of course misses but mostly wins! Plot: Nearly every story had a good clear plot, some of the more experimental ones were harder to find but on the whole these were great.Characters: The characters were in general not the focus but... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: It Rides A Pale Horse by Andy Marino

Source: NetGalley - many many many thanks to the publisher!Tl;DR: A shocking and twisted horror novel with fascinating themes - especially for the Art Nerds out there! Plot: This is straight down the barrel of the plot - the characters are just driving to the ultimate conclusion the whole timeCharacters: An initial onslaught of characters... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Come Tumbling Down

The Wayward Children series definitely doesn't need more hype online - I think it's one of the most popular series I follow. The books are short and easy to read and always feed into the current social buzz. I definitely recommend giving them a try, they're available on every format and I'd be surprised if... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-Up 10.24.2017

Oh ho ho! I had a pretty solid week this past week. Even taking out my Victober reads I have a few things to talk about! I have two short story magazines, a spooky book, and a book about books!  As always with these if you’d rather listen than read I have a link on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up 9.26.2017

This week was fairly busy but I managed to get a good amount read I feel. A good variety of things for sure. One horror, one (very chunky) classic, a cozy mysery, and a literary fiction immigration story. Not too shaby! As always if you want to listen as opposed to read the channel is... Continue Reading →

Mini-Reviews Volume 23

Its about time to get back to a few of these. In the weeks and months to come I'm hoping to start weekly vlogging my reading with my first impressions of books and following up with these mini-reviews in weeks after that with final reviews. For now however you're getting some older reads that haven't... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews : Volume 21

     I definitely didn’t shake the spooky feeling after October. I was on a roll, even after Anna Dressed in Blood.     So I picked up Slade House by David Mitchell, and oh man talk about spooky. It’s an shoot of his most recent hefty work of Bone Clocks which is waaaay up... Continue Reading →

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