Some YouTube Recommendations – D&D and Writing Related

Matthew Colville

This guy is my new favorite catch all channel if I’m not watching something related to booktube. He talks mainly about Dungeons & Dragons at the moment but he also talks on writing and honestly a lot of good writing skills come from D&D and learning to run/write it well. The video I’m currently in the middle of is one of his older videos called Lore vs. Writing. It is the video I embedded above, it’s full of stuff I know I’ll use in my games and in my own creative endeavors.
As a side note, we backed his recent KickStarter and I cannot wait to get our book, I just might be planning on giving my players some sort of stronghold in the future and I’m excited to see what options he has laid out. 

Dael Kingsmill at MonarchsFactory

Dael does several types of videos but they all fall into ‘Sarah wants to watch these’ category. She does D&D related videos which I of course love, but she also has a series covering Mythology and talking about those individual stories which is fascinating. She even has a web-series that I’m saving, I haven’t started it yet (in all honesty I was waiting for maternity leave so I’ll probably pick up some time soon since that’s not in my future for awhile). 
She recently gushed about some Shakespeare references in a video and I haven’t checked her backlog too deeply yet but if she hasn’t done a Shakespeare series I’m going to be super, super upset. She made it sound absolutely fascinating. 

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