Weekend Reading 11-24

     I never know if I should love a Holiday week or hate it. For starters, it’s a holiday week so hooray for time off! But I always have a slump in mental health over the holidays. I need a lot of structure to keep me feeling productive in my day to day and on days like the day after a holiday I flounder because I always want to rest but I end up in an unhealthy head-space. Which means this morning (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) I’m trying to pull myself out of that. Fun. I did get some reading this week, I thought I’d touch in quick to show you what I’m working on as I’m pretty jazzed about some of it. 

        I’ll probably work on finishing Pride by Ibi Zoboi first as it’s the shortest on my pile and it’s calling my name. I also have Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi on my kindle to get too before it’s due back at the library. It is cracking me up with the talking pigeon, but I always have a thing for exasperated talking animals. Daemon Voices by Phillip Pullman I haven’t technically started yet but I keep carrying it around. I will try and start it today. Haunting of Hillhouse is much the same, though I got some good progress on it yesterday. I want to finally push through and finish my reread of it. 

       If you’re reading anything good let me know, and have a good one guys.

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