Thoughts: Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

We’re swerving way out of my usual range with this one. You know those books you immediately think ‘That’s not for me’ but every one goes on and on? Eventually you break and try it? That was this one for me and boy howdy did I have a strong reaction.


Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Source: Library eBook
TL;DR: Wow, yes, definitely recommend


  • So this is not a usual me read and not something I’d usually enjoy either. But as I’ve established I love stories with unusual narrative structure and this perfectly hit that button being told in interview fashion. 
  • Even a week or so after finishing this and letting it sit I can still recall events and scenes – it’s something that sticks with you as far as the story goes. 
  • The characters as well, they stand out. They felt real and flawed but wonderful. By the end of the book, and this shouldn’t be a spoiler as this is about a band years in the past it’s talking about one individual’s death (doesn’t happen on page, and it’s not important to the main drive of the story) and I honestly got teary eyed! 
  • The pacing as well, though we had jumps in time, was handled perfectly. Each segment packed a punch, but it didn’t feel as if you were jerked up and down. It felt like the natural progression of the band. It was just enough to feel like the steady beat of the band’s story. Little ups and downs as they moved through their careers, all the while feeling that build to something. 
  • That something too, though taken out of context would be small or petty, was by the time you reach it – something you’re invested in. You feel the impact, and it feels big in that way that all personal things feel. Still, going back over that climax in my head – it was amazing. That’s the kind of writing I envy right there, I enjoyed it so much
  • I’ve heard the audio on this is the way to go. I read the story as an ebook because that was what was available (my Audible was suspended for money reasons) and I still loved it. Now that I have access to Audible again I honestly might buy it and listen to it. 

   So good, I can’t recommend this one enough. If you feel any interest in this at all I would get it from the library or even try a sample to see if the style suits you. This narrative style won’t be for everyone but it is done with a masterful hand. It’s worth trying. 

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