Series Thoughts: Steeple #1-5

    Giant Days is by far my favorite comic book series that I’ve kept up. Even when cutting my book budget down to the minimum I saved the money for each volume that came out. So when I spied a new John Allison series starting I jumped on board without even looking at the summary. It wasn’t a bad decision for me but I do have some thoughts. 


Steeple, Issues 1-5
by John Allison, Sarah Stern, & Jim Campbell

Source: Purchased via Kindle

TL;DR – Though it’s got quite a different setting and setup than Giant Days, John Allison’s last work, the comic is still fun and engaging. I definitely think it’s worth checking out if you’re interested though some of the characters feel a bit repeated.


  • First off, I love the premise. Elevator pitched with a slightly different tone this could be an action show or movie, at least the first couple issues. Then the story changes abruptly and becomes more of what you’d expect from John Allison.
    This is both good and bad? He’s good at what he does, funny interpersonal relationships. It’s funny and you just want to keep reading. So that’s strong but those original two issues with the almost darker seeming storyline seemed like a promising start to a different sort of story, a different sort of idea. I was kind of excited to see where he was going to take that, so I was a bit disappointed when that wasn’t what we ended up with. 
  • That being said the end of issue 5 ended on a very fun cliffhanger. Things have flipped on their head twice now in 5 issues and I am definitely no mad at it. 
  • Giant Days strength was its ridiculously clever character interactions. We have more of that, but also a more community feel with a wider character base. I hope we get more of those community characters. They add depth to the story and setting but they fell a little flat due simply to lack of page time.
  • The art style is more of the same with what we had in Giant Days as well. It’s really hard not to compare everything to that series but there are definite very clear similarities. This could be both bad and good. 
  • I liked the slight political stance the story has taken as well. It helps setup the small town community feel because everyone is so involved. However, the issue with the Witch Festival did feel a little awkward and stands out to me because it didn’t have that same feel. 

I do recommend jumping on this series while it’s early if it’s something you’re interested in. I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and I’m super excited to see where it goes next – I’ve definitely subscribed via my digital comic service. 

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