February Haul/Unhaul

This has been a slow month. I had a baby on the 27th of January so I haven’t been out of the house much or done much shopping. I’ve also read a lot of things on Kindle as opposed to any of my physical books so that’s limited my intake as well. But let’s see where we’re at shall we?

Physical Books Hauled


Total Hauled and Read – 2
Total Hauled and Unread – 3

FebHaul1 (1)


eBooks Hauled




Total Hauled and Read – 2
Total Hauled and Unread – 8 

Surprisingly not great, but to be fair the physical books were ones I was sent out with instructions to ‘Buy a book and a coffee and decompress’ by my husband at least three times. The eBooks were also all 2.99 or less at the time of purchase so I don’t feel to bad. I may, in the next few months do a strict no buying ban. March won’t be the month for it because next weekend is the big yearly library book sale!

But that’s it, not as limited a month as I’d hoped but I’m excited with what I have!

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