Thoughts: Rise of Kylo Ren by Charles Stoule, etc

Right, so just to get this out of the way, I am not a Kylo fangirl. He's interesting in that way any villain is but I am not someone who loves him or tags him as my favorite character. But this comic arc - wow guys. I recommend this if you're a fan of canon... Continue Reading →

Series Thoughts: Steeple #1-5

    Giant Days is by far my favorite comic book series that I’ve kept up. Even when cutting my book budget down to the minimum I saved the money for each volume that came out. So when I spied a new John Allison series starting I jumped on board without even looking at the... Continue Reading →

2019 – The Year of the Comic

So this year I started a lot of (for me) comic series. This is interesting to me in retrospect because up until perhaps 2013? 2012? I read a lot of comics, including single issues. But then I stopped due to money issues and frustration with the comic industry. Prior to that, in high school, I... Continue Reading →


Bloom by Kevin Pancetta and Savanna Ganucheau     Bloom is a graphic novel, telling the story of Ari who is coming of age in a seaside town. He works in a family bakery but wants to move out to pursue a career in music so he decides to hire someone to replace him. Enter Hector, a... Continue Reading →

Three Graphic Novel Reads

I'm not much of a graphic novel reader in all honesty. It takes a lot for me to buy one, simply because I read them so quickly that they never seem worth the money for me. At one time in my life I the DC and Marvel comics as they came out, single issue. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

#24in48 WrapUp!

I didn't do half bad if I do say so myself! So I didn't get a whole lot of reading in but I did manage to almost get half of the goal! Coming in with 11 hours and 8 minutes. This was juggling plans I had with the hubby and a few house related things that... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Wednesday 6/29/2016

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spines. Yet another graphic novel! I've been getting more and more into these lately. I'm not good with single issues, not at all, but I love getting the bind ups of these. Bitch Planet is one I adore, I cannot wait to see where this goes.  ... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Wednesday 6/15/2016

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spines. This has got to be one of the highest praised recent comic book series I've seen. Everyone who has read it has raved about it and no matter where I go I can't find a copy of any of the issues unless I want to sacrifice... Continue Reading →

#TomeTopple Read-a-thon TBR

Tome Topple is a TBR created by Sam over at ThoughtsOnTomes on Youtube, and this is a two week read-a-thon with a focus on reading big books. Not that I need an excuse to read big books, but I've been a bit bad about it lately. It's satisfying to burn through a bunch of little... Continue Reading →

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