Birthday Book Haul Part 2 : Fiction!

Finally! Here it is, Part 2 of my Birthday Book haul! These are all the fiction books I got, mostly from Hubby for my birthday! As usual there is a video available on the channel if you’d rather listen than read! 

  • Days Without End by Sebastian Barry – I heard about this one over on Simon from SavidgeReads channel (and incorrectly thought it was a Green Carnation winner). It won the Costa for 2016 and follows two men through the Civil StayWithMeWar and their relationship and how that changes and develops.
  • Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo – This is the story of a marriage deteriorating after they are unable to have a child. The husband after pressure from his family takes a second wife and it follows the fallout of that. Man this is another one I fell under the hype for, so fingers crossed!
  • After Atlas by Emma Newman – The sequel to Planetfall, this one follows the son of one of the members of the Atlas shuttle back on Earth investigating something. I intend to read these back to back, but honestly when have I done that? We’ll see.
  • The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu – This is a short story collection from the author of The Grace of Kings. I believe these are a combination of SF and Fantasy. It’s just one that has been talked about over and over, I’ve been watching it for a while and for like 4 dollars on BookOutlet? Yes please!KissingtheWitch
  • The Shell Collector by Anthony Doerr A short story collection from the author of All The Light We Cannot See. I enjoyed his full length novel so I grabbed this one up, it’s surprisingly short so hopefully it’ll pack a punch.
  • Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue – I do believe this one is queer retellings of fairy tales. This is one of those that sat on the wishlist for at least a year or two before I finally got it so the details are fuzzy. I am excited about it though!
  • The Summer that Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel – This is the story of a very hot summer and the Devil showing up to change a small town. It’s magical realism (I believe) and reminds me of that song The Devil Went Down to Georgia, one of those songs here in the Southern US that you hear constantly.
  • Shelter by Jung Yun – This one is another hyped one (look at me speeding past onShelter.jpg that hype train) about a man who is trying to sell his house and as they walk through a half naked woman, battered and bloody, walks through his yard. Turns out it’s his mom, and the story follows the fallout from this. It also looks at culture clashes and familial loyalty from what I’ve heard. Fascinating!
  • Dark Cities edited by Christopher Golden – An urban fantasy and horror collection with all my favorites like Seanan McGuire, Nick Cutter, Paul Trembley, etc. Who could pass that up!?
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell – An old childhood favorite! I beat the old copy I had to crap and back so I got a reprint to try out as an adult!
  • The Stand by Stephen King – I finally did it, I bought a copy of this chunker. I’m that much closer to reading it. Having gotten almost to the end of the Dark Tower series I really want to read the books the characters appear in besides those and Randall Flag pops up in The Stand. So, it’s on the list.
  • The Once and Future King and The Book of Merlyn by T. H. White – Fantasy classics I have never read! I do believe these are retellings of the King Author story, which I’m usually not a huuuuuge fan of but since these are genre classics I decided I needed to give them a go.

If you’ve read any of these or have thoughts or recommendations let me know down below! Thanks for reading guys!

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