Weekly WrapUp 4.8.17

I skipped last week’s wrapup on the blog, my apologizes, it has just been in go mode here at Echo Base this week. The little time I’d had for reading and reviewing I put into Winter Tide and then the Babbles video. The last few days I had a little more time so I’m picking back up.  As usual there is a video to accompany this post up on the Youtube channel, link in the sidebar!

I didn’t finish much.

  • Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys got it’s own full review, check that out for more info. Short version is I love it, I highly recommend it.
  • Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone by Michael Griffin was not my cup of tea. As long term readers know I don’t like to talk about books I don’t like (if something is problematic I’ll call it out but that’s usually it), I don’t have enough time in the world to be fussing over books someone else probably loves and talk about more in a fair way. This is one of those. It was simply not what was described on the description and really the only reason I finished it was because my buddy read partner picked it for our IRL buddy read. Just definitely NOT my thing. I can’t recommend it.
  • And the last think I read was Borderline by Mishell Baker (I’m serious, I didn’t read anything this week). This one I wasn’t wild about either, but for entirely ‘me’ reasons. The book follows a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder and because of that the pace was super fast and the character was wildly unpredictable. That made me incredibly anxious, so anxious I felt like when I watch TV (which I don’t do) and I wound up not having fun. Additionally there is a trope in use, the Southern Lady, that I despise. Otherwise I feel like I would have loved it. Sad days. I highly recommend this for anyone who doesn’t have those two issues, it’s a great Urban Fantasy and the things it does with people with mental and physical illness are excellent.

That was pretty much it. It’s Camp Nanowrimo this month so my reading is guaranteed to drop off for a while but I’ll try to balance it out with a few other trims in time. Also it’s warm enough here that I can finally start gardening again! Since my thumb/wrist has been fixed I’ve been out weeding already and finally we can have some more posts true to the original name of this blog (books and blooms). I’ll probably do all gardening posts as vlogs mainly so I can keep track of what’s where (I’m really bad at the names of which lilies are where) and it’s much easier to see what happens as it happens.

Going forward I’m still working on two non-fiction reads, Blood at the Root and Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. Both of those are great, but Blood at the Root is a rough read and I just started Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. The only other books I’m planning on getting to (to give myself some wiggle room) are Final Girls by Mira Grant and The Accusation by Bandi.

What else is everyone else reading? Anything good?

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