BooktubeSFF Awards Babbles 5: LGBTQ+ SFF Recommendations

This week’s babbles is LGBTQ+ SFF recommendations. As always I’m going to try and show some great books. The five I mentioned in my video (the five in the featured image) are five I picked because I enjoyed a lot but don’t get as much buzz online as others. But in this post I’m going to try recommend more than this five, including some more popular ones!

  • The Devourers by Indra Das – I reviewed this one back when it released last year. It’s a werewolf story in which a man meets a werewolf, another man, and begins a relationship with him. A complicated one at that.
  • The Entire Valdemar World/Series by Mercedes Lackey – These are great starter fantasies. They will destroy your feelings, but they are simple and easy reads. Not to mention there are at least 20 book in the world with more coming. I can think of a ton of LGBTQ+ characters in this.
  • Passing Strange by Ellen Klages – Yet another book I’ve reviewed on the blog. This is a wonderful 1940’s urban fantasy with lots of lovely ladies. I have talked about this so much I might have to reread it soon.
  • When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson – This is a self published work that I think would be considered ‘low fantasy’. There is little to no magic, it simply follows a young girl as she becomes apprenticed to a warrior and the relationships she has with other apprentices and her own master. Lovely.
  • Black Blade Blues by J.A. Pitts – I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone else reading this, and I just learned the series has been continued by the author as a self published venture. But this is the story of a lady blacksmith who comes across a legendary sword and a rather messy Norse event begins. Her girlfriend is also a prominent character, and I enjoyed both of them a lot.

More books, including some of my TBR:

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