Mini Reviews Volume 24

We’re back at it with Mini Reviews! I need a theme song for this… a song of stopping and starting and really being unable to be consistent because real life is a paaaaiiinnn…

Oh boy, I’m behind and I didn’t finish my spreadsheet for last year during the holidays so this is totally not going to be correct as I’m pinning it on Goodreads. So! Let’s find what I’ve got listed!

flying     First up I see the second Phryne Fisher mystery book. Now the first book and episode matched up, but book two didn’t have an episode with it. In fact it seems like the TV show skips every other book or so. Book two, Flying Too High was fun! It wasn’t my favorite of the series so far, but I am super bummed it didn’t make the show. It really gives a look at the budding airplane business, both as a business and entertainment. The mysteries in this one I also really liked, especially on reflection, and especially the mystery of the missing girl. I adore that little rambunctious child, Kerry Greenwood yet again twisting what we’d expect from a small child who’s been kidnapped. It was a strong second novel, and trust me I’ve kept going in the series.

I have Company Town listed first, but I’m 90% sure I finished this prior to Flying High company(though I could be way wrong). Company Town by Madeline Ashby had a lot of potential for me. I really liked our main character, I liked the world she was set in with it’s towers in the middle of the
ocean, and I liked the premise. However I feel like someone when editor knife CRAZY. Huge chunks of what I felt like would have been super important information and scenes were completely missing. Murders went brushed under the table, especially at the end, that left me thinking ‘WTF… that was an important character till now…’. It was disappointing, though if there is a sequel I’ll give it a shot and hope it’s not as cut up (HA, because the murders had people being cut up? Get it? Alright I’m sorry, I’m terrible).

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace may have been one of the last YA books I’ve read. I had shallowmixed feelings also on this one, though on the whole I enjoyed it. The main character, having come back from the grave unexpectedly and in a completely unexplained way. There were also a lot commentaries on popular issues like sexuality and violence against women, which I enjoyed. I just wish we’d gotten more development out of her? I feel like she stayed at the same place throughout the novel, just with more knowledge of what and who she was by the end. She didn’t develop in a way that I found memorable, that’s for certain.

Finally, for this volume, is the next YA book I read – I Crawl Through It by A.S. King.icrawl I’m definitly in the camp of ‘I didn’t get this’ here. I can read some weird things, I can enjoy them. But this was just not for me. I understood a lot of what the themes were saying, what she was trying to say. But the story was too out there for me. Way too out there. I think it’s worth trying but I would say if you aren’t hooked within 40 or 50 pages, bail out.



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