Thoughts and Review : Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley

geekGeek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley

Highly Recommend!

Published by Tor Books
Publication Date : May 31st, 2016
Available as eBook & Paperback – 285 Pages
Source : Purchased

A powerful collection of essays on feminism, geek culture, and a writer’s journey, from one of the most important new voices in genre.

The Geek Feminist Revolution is a collection of essays by double Hugo Award-winning essayist and science fiction and fantasy novelist Kameron Hurley.

The book collects dozens of Hurley’s essays on feminism, geek culture, and her experiences and insights as a genre writer, including “We Have Always Fought,” which won the 2014 Hugo for Best Related Work. The Geek Feminist Revolution will also feature several entirely new essays written specifically for this volume.

Unapologetically outspoken, Hurley has contributed essays to The Atlantic, Locus,, and elsewhere on the rise of women in genre, her passion for SF/F, and the diversification of publishing.

I tend to avoid any books recommended with the words ‘very angry’. I hate to say I can be delicate in what I consume but there it is. I bad anxiety, struggle with depression, so I try very hard to stay positive but weeding out what might make me one of those two things. I don’t know what possessed me to pick this up with that in thought but damn it was good.
I talked earlier this year about how much I loved Amanda Palmer’s biography (without knowing anything about her) and honestly I think this might take it’s place. I know I put it on my super speacial shelf in my reading room with the Amanda Palmer book and Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art book. Where Amanda’s book was for creative types this I would recommend for any woman who exists on the internet and has even the vaguest ideas of

I tabbed and highlighted this so much

speculative fiction.
Kameron Hurley talks through her anger, her resentment, her struggles with the perceptions and the impact and actions of people on her. She talks about being fat, about being reliant on several shots (daily) to live her life, about writing, being queer, and why writing intelligently and aware is important. She admits to faults and to successes and at time challenges the SFF community. I gobbled it up like candy.
I have heard the writing can be a bit odd for people, she makes clever use of paragraph/page breaks for impact, but if you can handle this then DEFINITELY pick this up.  The one essay I had already read in this that’s available online, for free, We Have Always Fought is a great way to sample her writing and one of my favorite essays of all time. Read that to determine if she’ll work for you and if she will then this is one you want to order.

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