Mini-Reviews: Volume 15

Mini Reviews Volume 14

   This are all either expanded up on reviews from Goodreads or I never did give a written one for it. So, new goodies! Hoorah!

HoDHeart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

   I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t love this one, I almost didn’t finish this one honestly. I trudged through because of sheer force of will. It was just… not for me. There were times when the descriptions and the imagery struck me as simultaneously beautiful and horrifying but then I’d just be disgusted by the denseness of it or the very time appropriate racism. This one didn’t age well for me, not at all. I found the little bit that dealt with women or mentioned them to be the worst part, though again somewhat time period appropriate. Just… ugh. This is the sort of classic reading experience that I feel scares most people away. It was just too damn short not to finish.

TremereTremere (Vampire: The Masquerade Clan Novels #12) by Eric Griffin

    On a happier note this one was a win for me in the Clan Novels series. Tremere fascinate and amuse the crap out of me (I’m a Nosferatu player as I’ve mentioned) so my Nossie likes to call them ‘twiddle fingers’. And in our long standing game that’s sometimes how our Tremere player refers to himself and clan mates. I find the idea behind their clan fascinating because they take their immortality in a direction that I wouldn’t expect. The permanent blood bond with each other, the ties that bind them all together. It’s just interesting, I guess because I associate better with the ‘hell no blood bounds for me please’ attitude. Anyway. This was a good look into their structure and societies. Besides that, the characters were all rich, I enjoyed them. This is one I would also say can be read out of order too. Very satisfying.

PrincessJellyfishPrincess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Vol. 01 by Akiko Higashimura

    I don’t read a lot of manga anymore. In fact the last time I bought a manga was probably… 8 years ago? I watched Princess Jellyfish probably a year ago now after getting a wild hair in my ass that I wanted to watch more anime. This was it, I got so obsessed with finding more information on this show after devouring the first and only season that I didn’t watch or read anymore. I settled into pre-ordering this and waiting. This volume covers the first half of the season that’s available (on Netflix last I checked) but it was a delight to read regardless. I love this series about a house full of lady otaku (who refer to themselves as nuns) and a cross dressing politician’s illegitimate son. I can’t express how much fun this series is for me, I also just love jellyfish to begin with so the main character’s fixation for me is familiar (I want to get my thigh tattooed with one giant jellyfish guys, I’m talking I LOVE jellyfish). Definitely try this out, even if you don’t read or haven’t read manga in a while, this is a good starting point or return point. Not to mention it’s just beautiful!

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